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More Flexible Funding for Fintechs: Camille Krejci of 21yield

At a time when the overall funding outlook for start-up's in Indonesia has grown increasingly inclement, Camille Krejci joins the Indo Tekno Podcast to outline the novel ways in which his new fund, 21yield, extends loan agreements to fintechs in emerging markets more flexibly to help them grow their loan portfolio. Fintech remains the most crowded category in Indonesia, while the proper tools  to raise funds and lend onward for these start-up's remain scarce and ill-suited. Camille views the biggest deficiencies in debt lending to fintechs being most funds' inability to lend in the early stages, their long turnaround times, and generally pretty exacting requirements around runway. 21yield seeks to address these pain points through an approach more uniquely suited to these online lending businesses, supported by the application of deeper leveraging of data.

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