From Big & Stable to Small & Nimble:
Alex Rusli of Digiasia Bios

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Alex Rusli is Cofounder of Digiasia Bios. The company offers the broadest portfolio of fintech licenses and solutions across Indonesia's start-up scene. Alex is amongst a small minority of start-up founders with previous big tech leadership experience, having served as CEO of telco giant Indosat before going "full-on founder". Our conversation ranges widely, from the challenges of fintech adoption to the benefits of martial arts amidst the demands of start-up life.

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Our Mission

The mission of the IndoTekno podcast is to:

  • Raise the profile of Indonesia’s expansive, talented, promising and fast-growing technology eco-system

  • Add a new, rigorously analytical voice to the growing conversation around Indonesia’s technology scene

  • Profile as early as possible emerging business models that could grow into multi-billion dollar sub-sectors

  • Make accessible to everyone the masterful insights of Indonesia’s leading tech innovators

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