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The Future Pharmacy: Farouk Meralli of mClinica


The Indonesian authorities have "done a great job in negotiating with the COVID vaccine suppliers for advanced commitments," says today's Indo Tekno Podcast guest, Farouk Meralli of mClinica. "Where it's going to get very difficult is distribution. This is a logistics effort like we've never seen before."

Farouk Meralli, mClinica

mClinica is Southeast Asia's largest online pharmacy network. Its all-digital Trade and Patient solutions enable more than 40,000 pharmacies, who interact with 150 million patients, to operate more efficiently and effectively, both in Indonesia and across Southeast Asia. The traditional pharmacy is a center of activity unlike its counterpart in the West: in Southeast Asia, customers visit pharmacies 12x a year, and physicians only 1.2x a year. mClinica addresses the industry's profound fragmentation. Its SwipeRx pharmacy "super-app" solves several age-old challenges for mom-and-pop pharmacies, including: 1) the purchase of pharmaceuticals on discount, 2) access to credit, 3) frictionless payments and 4) direct delivery.

SwipeRx's  most popular features involve content and education. It is now SEA's largest education provider for pharmacy professionals. Farouk also profiles on our podcast how the world's leading pharma brands, regional governments and global NGO's also benefit from mClinica's many pharmacy-centric solutions.

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