The Path from 2% to 12%:
Brian Marshal & Andreas Thamrin of SIRCLO

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China e-commerce GMV totalled a massive RMB11.3 trn in 2020, or 12% of the country’s GDP. Indonesia e-commerce GMV of USD40b meanwhile was less than 2% of GDP, suggesting massive long-term upside on its way to 12% and beyond. Today’s guests, Brian Marshal and Andreas Thamrin, are cofounders of SIRCLO. SIRCLO’s sole purpose is to help small, mid-sized, and enterprise brands to sell online. SIRCLO seeks to help Indonesia's merchants unlock massive efficiencies and growth by mapping them to: a) new ecommerce platforms, b) integrated omni-channel strategies, c) more sophisticated "back-end" technologies and d) unprecedented amounts of big data to drive insights and seller strategies.

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