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We've Been Here Before:
David Halpert of Prince Street Capital

"I'm still bullish Indonesia" declares returning podcast guest David Halpert, Founder of Prince Street Capital. A buyer of Amazon at around $8 when it pulled back in the 2000 crisis, David views Indonesia's private and publicly listed technology leaders as built-to-last, and sees longer term buying opportunities emerging amidst the ongoing correction. David is encouraged by recent messaging from the likes of Uber's CEO, demanding a "seismic shift" in thinking toward profitability. He in this vein hopes to see within Indonesia a cessation in hyper-competition amongst players such as GoTo, Grab, Bukalapak and Sea Limited. David also agrees with Y Combinator's recent advice to early stage tech companies to cut their expenses and focus on extending their runways. "Don't talk about TAM", he urges Indo founders. "Don't talk about GMV. Don't even talk about revenue...try talking about profit".

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Our Mission

The mission of the IndoTekno podcast is to:
  • Raise the profile of Indonesia’s expansive, talented, promising and fast-growing technology eco-system

  • Add a new, rigorously analytical voice to the growing conversation around Indonesia’s technology scene

  • Profile as early as possible emerging business models that could grow into multi-billion dollar sub-sectors

  • Make accessible to everyone the masterful insights of Indonesia’s leading tech innovators


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